Top Shelf Thursdays a 1 vs 1 bracket style competition that showcases established Cannabis brands in the CA MMJ market.

ROUND 1: Two different competitors face off each week for a total of eight weeks. Each winner receives a prize from a local glass artist and advances to the next round.

ROUND 2: 2 competitors that were winners in round 1 face off in round 2 for a total of 4 weeks. The winners advance and receive a better prize from a local glass artist.

ROUND 3: Semi Finals - Competitors that won round 1 and round 2 face off and the winner receives a rig from a well known glass artist and other prizes TBD.

ROUND 4: Finals - One person walks away the victor of the series and gets a one of kind piece from a famous glass artist.

In order to enter you must be INVITED. Competitors are chosen at the sole discretion of Daniel de Sailles, founder of Top Shelf Extracts and The Secret Cup. To be considered an "ESTABLISHED CONCENTRATE BRAND" you must have won awards and/or be able to show that you are carried by a number of delivery services/stores.

There is no entry fee, HOWEVER, we require you to buy a tent space if it's your week to compete. You will be prominently placed along with your competitor so that the patients there know to stop by your booth. In addition you are required to bring two 2.5 gram samples of concentrates made by you in different styles. Can be shatter and budder, rosin and melt, rosin and budder, or any combination there of. Your judges will be attendees who receive a ballot when they come in to the Terp Market.

At the official dab bar attendees will have the chance to try all four entries (two from each competitor) and rank them in order of their favorites. The competitor that submitted the sample with the most 1st place votes wins. If there is a tie then the 2nd place rankings are taken into consideration, and so on. It is a blind test for the attendees/judges, so please no hints leading up to it about what you entered. And especially don't tell anyone at the actual event. Let's keep it fair and fun, and connect the best of the best with the patients that support them.

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